Serious Siri Opportunity – Somewhat Frank Episode 1

Have you ever asked Apple’s Siri for a hand with something only to find yourself doing more work to try to get what you’re looking for? We’ve all have been there. Artificial intelligence is not quite as intelligent as a scene from the popular HBO series Westworld yet.

I recently had a situation where I asked Siri to call my “Gym” via my Apple Watch and AirPods. Siri kept trying to call “Jim Bankoff” the CEO from Vox Media and could not figure out how to find the “Gym”. Finding my way to the gym has also been an issue for me as of late but in all fairness it was insulting for my Apple Watch to point this out. And… I was out for a run while asking Siri for this help with this phone call to the gym. So I think that counts for something.

Side note to Jim Bankoff:

Hi Jim,

Apologies, I didn’t mean to have Siri dial you repeatedly, as I breathed heavily and possibly swore like a sailor at Siri. If any of my calls actually did go through, I’m sorry. That said, I do hope you’re doing well and having a great summer. We should catch up. Are you headed to Maine or Las Vegas anytime soon? 🙂


On this episode of Somewhat Frank, I sit down over breakfast in Tampa Bay, Florida with the Established team of Jen Consalvo and Joe Corbett to discuss the serious Apple’s Siri and how it works or sometimes doesn’t work the way we all expected.

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