Could You Survive Without Email? – Somewhat Frank Episode 12

Frank Gruber and co-host John Guidos talk about whether they could live without email and how society is changing with the elimination of the landline and a “home phone.” 

Frank also celebrates Laurie Segall on the launch of Dot Dot Dot Media and Lo Toney’s  raising of a $42M fund to invest in startups at Plexo Capital. He also notes that Michael Chasen, the CEO of PrecisionHawk, a Raleigh, N.C.-based provider of drone technology for the enterprise, on raising $32M in funding.  Jason Fudin, co-founder and CEO of WhyHotel, which operates 100 to 250 room pop-up hotels with 24/7 on-site staff in newly built, luxury apartment buildings, on raising a $20M Series B of funding. 

The guys also discuss Justyn Howard and the team of Chicago-based SproutSocial on their recent IPO and also Cody Bardo and the rest of the Trust & Will team for raising a $6M Series A round of funding with the goal of bringing estate planning To every family in America. Lastly, they toast Mike Levins on jumping off the entrepreneurial diving board after a few decades in the corporate insurance world. 

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With the annual Consumer Electronics Show 2020 coming up In Las Vegas, Frank and John talk about their past experiences at CES and their upcoming event as SXSW in Austin, Texas.  They also discuss whether the eight-hour workday still stands up, the fact that Blue Bottle coffee cafes will no longer use plastic or paper cups and the Inc. Magazine’s list of the 12 Most Influential Startups of the Decade.  

Finally, the gents talk about some of this year’s best holiday gift ideas, including the Star Wars Instant Pot, Baby Yoda, Baby Shark, Weighted Blanket, Yeti gear, and more…

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