Adjusting to the New Normal – SOMEWHAT FRANK EPISODE 16

On this episode of the Somewhat Frank podcast, Frank Gruber is again joined by Johnny “Goodtimes” Guidos as they talk about the “new normal” that is a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, with such things as possible temperature checks at Disney World, and much more. This episode was live-streamed on @frankgruber’s Instagram account for additional engagement and viewing pleasure. What do you think the new normal will be like?

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I’ve been thinking (and even daydreaming) about what it will be like to get back to “normal” whenever it is deemed safe enough to do so. Judging by the timing of a COVID19 vaccine, and the fact that universities are already starting to postpone classes until January 2021, I’m guessing we’re still a ways off – but your guess is as good as mine. That said, I did a poll on Twitter asking people what they will be most uncomfortable doing when we can all interact again and it appears that live events like baseball games and concerts might cause the most discomfort for people. That was followed by traveling on an airplane, train, or boat. It leaves me thinking about the following questions:

  • What about how we enter a restaurant or other public place – will they take our temperature at the door before letting us in?
  • Or have to wear some verified bracelet showing our test status?
  • Will we have to wash all our groceries and deliveries in the new normal?
  • And will we have to continue to get up in the middle of the night to try to score a grocery delivery time, to begin with? 
  • Will we be inclined to continue to wear facemasks while out in public?
  • Will we ever be able to go to the gym again? 
  • Will we have to homeschool our children?

Change is the only constant in life so regardless of what changes there are, I’m just looking forward to that day, whatever it looks like. Here are some resources that might help you as we all navigate this time. 

COVID19 Resources
—The Startup of the Year program has compiled startups and partners taking on COVID19
—This layoff initiative added 10,000 newly posted job listings on a website called Layoffers.
—Finding supplies or even groceries during this time may be difficult, this site might help.
—Fast Grants for Coronavirus efforts.
—Making sense of PPP loans for startups.

If this is the first time getting my somewhat (regular) frank email update, I hope you’ve enjoyed it – if not, simply unsubscribe. For those of you still with me for almost a year now, thanks for reading and emailing me whenever you have anything to share or want to reconnect. Now let’s get to it!

Celebrating (People In My Network)
—Garrett Camp, the co-founder of Uber, StumbleUpon, and Expa, launched his first nonprofit effort called to help support people in need during this ongoing global crisis. 
—Dave Giordano had his consulting firm TSG which he built for 23 years acquired by AlfrescoNOTE: I started my career in technology interning at TSG before joining the team full-time as a systems developer. Congrats to the team on the exit! Is it time for at TSG alumni reunion IRL or virtually?
—Dann Petty, designer, and product expert wrote a book that is available for pre-order called That Portfolio Book
—Mark Cuban’s foundation is partnering with A.I. For Anyone to present a free 60-minute introduction to artificial intelligence for students and educators.
—John Biggs, a former editor of TechCrunch, has a book coming out in June that is currently available for pre-order called Get Funded! The Startup Entrepreneur’s Guide To Seriously Successful Fundraising.
—Audrie Pagano on joining Corigin Ventures as they just announced closing their second fund
—Brian Solis, author, and futurist, on joining SalesForce as a Global Innovation Evangelist.  

—We’re doing what we can to join the fight against COVID19 by spotlighting a handful of startups doing amazing things at a virtual event on Friday, April 17th. Register to join me online this week from the comfort of your own home by visiting:
—We’re also assisting the NASA iTech program with their virtual event which is scheduled for April 22nd – watch it here:

Just like 9/11 changed security measures while flying, COVID19 could change how we gather.
Coronavirus could irreversibly change restaurants, with experts predicting customer temperature checks and new fears of crowds 

Will you ever go to a large live event again?
How Coronavirus Will Reshape The Live Event & Concert Business 

Temperature screening the new normal?
Temperature Checks At Disney World? Bob Iger on Parks, Movies and Streaming After Coronavirus

Stress is the silent killer.
How chronic stress changes the brain — and what you can do to reverse the damage

It helps replace gray matter in your brain, for starters. 
Why Leaders Need Meditation Now More Than Ever

Can’t get groceries, drones may be able to help?
We visited a small Virginia town where drone deliveries have begun for real

When dry yeast is hard to come by.
Great Depression-Era Peanut Butter Bread Recipe Is Making People on Reddit Rave

The show must go on!
Amazon Teams With SXSW to Launch a Virtual Fest

Jack Dorsey – wow!
Twitter CEO sets aside $1 billion in Square equity for charity, coronavirus relief

Happy to read this news but it’s sad it took a global pandemic to do so. 
March 2020 Was The First March Since 2002 Without A School Shooting

Thank you, Jose Andres!
José Andrés Helps the Nats Turn D.C.’s Baseball Stadium Into a Community Kitchen

Ozark has a new season that will blow your mind. Ok, no spoilers. Just watch it and when you’re done dose it with an episode of Schitt’s Creek which just had their final episode to conclude 6 seasons. I also had to watch the trainwreck that is Tiger King just out of pure curiosity for all the buzz about it. 
—I’ve loved all the live music from the live Dave Matthews performances to Jack Johnson to Farm Aid, it’s been fun to tune into all these great artists from their homes to ours.
—Finally, there’s a lot of heavy news in the world, so you might find actor John Krasinski’s new web series, Some Good News which reports on the good things happening out there in the world. It’s sure to put a smile on your face and maybe even bring a tear of joy to your eye (or that’s just something in my eye?). 

—A new track from Twenty One Pilots, called Level of Concern, was released and appears to have been recorded during the quarantine.
—I also approached Dave Matthews’s new song, Windows, which he wrote during the quarantine. 
10% Happier by Dan Harris was a good book to listen as it offers a news anchor’s journey towards mindfulness and mediation – could be a good one for anyone curious about the practice and what it can do for your overall health.

The Moshi app has been clutch the last few weeks as it offers an app for parents to use for storytime with your kids. The stories are done is a way that’s soothing music and rhythms that are sure to help put them (and maybe you too) to sleep faster. 

It’s not the best time to be selling a home, but if you or anyone you know might be interested in living in downtown Las Vegas (DTLV), we have a great loft downtown for sale. We love DTLV and this place is right in the heart of everything.

Finally, need help with anything? Zappos might be able to help.

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