Frank Gruber


Delivering Happiness

Aloha! After building Tech Cocktail for the past eight years, I have decided to launch a new project that blends my passions around creating, real estate, economic development, startups and Hawaii – Delivering Hawaiianess. Delivering Hawaiianess is a new $350 billion initiative inspired by the Downtown Project looking turn the roughly 1500 mile island chain into a densely walkable community. I am excited about the new chapter that lies ahead with Delivering… Read More

Frank Gruber and his partner Jen Consalvo visited with two time Sundance film festival winner Ondi Timoner in the micro-documentary, The City Startup. The episode covers the Downtown Project, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s revitalization project of downtown Las Vegas. It is a city as a startup and the video above shows how Frank and Jen are helping shape the tech startup scene in the city.